Hemayati Solution

Our innovative exclusive software solution to combat coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has spread in the world rapidly and it left humanity with many challenges that cost human loss, economic and social crisis. One of the most important ways of preventing the spread of the virus is to monitor the healthiness of all people in the country and control their movement based on their health condition.

Considering this strategy, we have developed an innovative software, called Hemayati, that is a comprehensive all-in-one solution to facilitate monitoring the health status of everybody in the country and control their movement based on their status in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The solution also helps to monitor and control the health of high-risk businesses and their workforces who can easily spread the virus to others.

On the other hand, testing and vaccination are two important wings in the fight against coronavirus. With this in mind, the Hemayati solution has been equipped with advanced tools to organize testing and vaccination of everybody in the country.

In collaboration with some medical companies from USA and Sweden, we are also able to establish modern laboratories and advanced PCR test solution for early detection of coronavirus that complements our software and provides a complete solution to combat COVID-19.

Monitoring Health Status and controlling the movement in the country

The main goal of the Hemayati solution is to facilitate monitoring the health status of everybody in the country and managing their movement based on that. All registered individuals and businesses in the system have a health status and a unique QR code that is colored based on that health status. For individuals, the health status is updated based on whether they have had a test or vaccination in the past, the result of the latest test, and if that test or vaccination is still valid. The health status of a business is the aggregation of the health status of its employees.

Bringing into play the health status can be so much helpful to combat coronavirus by controlling and checking the movement of people in the cities based on their health status especially in dense and indoor areas like work places, restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals, and shopping centers.

On the other side, the healthiness of workforces who are working in high-risk occupations like restaurants, supermarkets, barbershops, clubs, hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, and pharmacies is of great importance. In order to prevent the spread of the virus via these high-risk locations, Hemayati provides the essential tools and facilities to monitor and control the health of businesses and their employees.

Organizing Testing

The Hemayati solution also helps organize testing by providing online registration and booking and makes it easier for existing laboratories to interact with their customers. This solution can be easily integrated and can work seamlessly with all laboratories. Hemayati provides two testing scenarios as testing for individuals and testing for businesses.

Everybody can request for a PCR test via the Hemayati app or website or call center. They can book a sampling time in any designated sampling site or book home-visit sampling where many mobile nursing teams are moving around the cities to take the swabs. If the purpose of the test is for traveling, it is possible to order a certificate via the app or website.

The Hemayati solution also organizes testing for businesses. It is recommended that employees of high-risk occupations go under periodic PCR test. Hemayati manages these periodic testing of the workforces. The solution can also be used for testing employees of all other normal businesses and organizations, for example, offices, factories, oil and gas companies, etc.

Organizing Vaccination

The Hemayati solution can also organize vaccination procedure. Anybody who requires vaccination can submit his/her request. Based on the priority given by the authorities, the system determines who is eligible for immediate vaccination and who should be placed in the queue for future vaccination. The system also schedules the time for vaccination and also keeps track of reminders and issues proper notifications and actions.

Logistics Management

The Hemayati solution also provides facilities to manage the dispatching process and movement of medical teams and drivers. This allows efficient testing operation with minimum waste of resources.

Solution Features

  • Full control over health status of all people and businesses
  • Ability to restrict movements or entry to certain areas based on the health status
  • Automatic workflow
  • Professional customer support
  • Online booking for test and vaccination
  • Preventing fraud in providing corona test results, especially travel test certificates
  • Payment management
  • Unique health code for everybody that can later be used for other health-related applications

Hemayati Presentation

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